Tag: ephemera

Nov 02

Bottlecaps 4

My favorite, of course, is the red one with the K in it.  I also like how random the gold leaf turned out, and the familiarity of the watch buckle.  Might see more watch parts, as we have quite a few broken watches and watch bands around here.

Oct 31

Bottlecaps 3

I finally got the resin working right in these.  I managed to get some disposable graduated mixing cups from my dad, and when I scrupulously measured each part, it cured properly. I tried very hard to make the suspended doo-dads within the resin match the background.  I particularly like the small mirror and the piece …

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Oct 28

Bottlecaps 2

These bottlecaps were also thrown away because of a problem with improperly mixed resin.  Pouring new resin on top of the uncured resin does not solve the problem. At least I have plenty of bottlecaps left.