Tag: epoxy sticker

Oct 20

Red Butterfly Book

 This book must have gotten lost in my postings, because I actually completed it earlier this summer. I started with a piece of calico with an autumnal print, and block printed over it with leaf-motif texture plates. This was one of those where I managed to muddy it and obscure the original design, but didn’t …

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Jun 05

Orange Poppy Book

This would have, should have been my favorite book cover.  I started by stamping gesso designs onto muslin, and then using a wash of buff paint to bring out the details.  Since the background was so plain, I went to my old files and found a photograph I had taken last year of my yard …

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Feb 15

Poem Book

I began this book by putting black gesso on to some printed calico in what I hoped were random patches.  Once that was done, a book on photo transfers inspired me to attempt to transfer a photo. I found a photo of a landscape, and transferred it onto the cloth using a thin layer of …

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Oct 22

Red Wolf Book

Most of the making of this book I chronicled in an earlier post. I finished it with the weed-stamp on the back, using acrylic paint mixed with gel retarder (plain acrylic paint doesn’t work here, as it is too dry.)  The face on the front is a linoblock I cut of myself using a photograph …

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