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Apr 29

Bottlecaps Third Group

These are more from the same set of bottlecaps I made in Februrary. I think I bought the letter charm and the letter brad when the Paper Studio close its doors to the public (they are still mail order and open for classes) It was a sad day, but 40% off made it less sad. …

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Apr 08

Bottlecaps Second Group

I mentioned in an earlier post how I make these bottlecaps. One of the hardest parts is finding enough amusing and visually interesting pieces to put in them. If the background is simple, like the bottom left and the bottom right, I need to have more interesting inserts. I do have a few watch insides. …

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Mar 18

Bottlecaps First Group

Whenever I want to do a small project that doesn’t involve a lot of thought and preparation, I make some of these bottlecap magnets. I bought a special hole-punch which cuts circles of exactly 1″ in diameter, which makes this project go even faster. First I get about 24  bottlecaps, throwing out any that are …

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Dec 23

Grackle Charm Book

I made some new books, on account of it was a certain person’s birthday and she didn’t have any of my little books yet. So I made covers for the last three book blanks I had. This is my favorite of the three. I started with some simple cotton cloth from a placemat. I pasted …

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Nov 28

Postcard: Sunflower Text

I had hoped, on the black and white text above, that I would be able to drop small pools of epoxy resin and make epoxy stickers. I discovered that I used the wrong kind. I think I have to use the quick setting epoxy, not the kind of resin that I pour into my magnets. …

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