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Mar 22

Book Progress

If you scroll back a few posts ago, you’ll see the copy of my printed proof. As I mentioned before, the proof wasn’t good because the resolution was too poor. The text was especially bad. Originally, I thought this had to do with gimp, that gimp had issues with text. Sure, the photo of the …

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Jul 07

Dayrunner/ Faerie Killer

Dear Blog Friends: Well, I think I may have discovered why Smashwords is unhappy with my formatting.  Apparently, they don’t like that my chapter headings don’t link back to the table of contents. That’s the closest I can come to figuring it out. I’m resubmitting a new version now with a table of contents that …

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Jun 20

Seeing Things, Part 15; kindle ahoy!

Dear Blog Friends; Well, I just put SEEING THINGS up on kindle, in addition to the third short story collection “Mean Little Kitty” and “Waiting Room at the Hero League” Kitty and Waiting room are still free on Smashwords, as is SEEING THINGS. I am going to start charging for SEEING THINGS shortly, but I …

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Jun 16

Seeing Things, part 14; The Chime and the Clapping

Dear Blog Friends; Thanks to everyone who has downloaded my novel since I posted it on Tuesday night. Double thanks to those of you who have read it or started to read it.  It’s weird, I have been talking about this book for a long time, but now that it’s out there in the real …

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Jun 13

Seeing Things, Part 12: Time Management Charts

Dear Blog Friends, I’ve been reading a lot of sites that talk about epublishing.  I think I need to correct a misconception that they present. One would think, from reading and researching epublishing, that this is how you should spend your time getting your book published.   Here is how I actually divide the time …

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