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Apr 23

Changer’s Turf – Chapter Sixteen

  New to the story? S’okay–go here.   Can’t wait for more? This book is already available for purchase. You can buy the paperback here and the kindle version here and the smashwords page with other e-formats here. Like the book, but short on cash?  New chapter next week!      Chapter Sixteen     “Imogene is dead?” Luke yelled. “When …

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Oct 16

Alternate Susan — Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen       The next day, the mirror finally arrived. I wanted to start the spell right away, but unfortunately, my knowledge of magic wasn’t focused enough. True, more and more of Susie’s memories came back every day, but once you started using a mirror as a scrying object, you couldn’t use it …

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Feb 24

Air Faerie

This is one of my old faeries, one of the first I made with paperclay faces. She’s also one of my favorites. Everything is made by hand.  I painted the wings, made the hair, made the dress from my own pattern, sculpted the face and hands and feet, painted them, wired them together, etc.  Pretty …

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