Tag: fake rock

Oct 01

Fake Rock 3

I think this is the least impressive of the three rocks, but it does complete the set. Like the other two rocks, it sits flat, which is a nice bonus for if I want to put flowers or candles in them. I have not yet used them. Like many of the things I create, I …

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Sep 04

Fake Rock 2

This is the second fake rock I did. I wanted the three of them to be as different from one another as possible, except for the glaze color and the concept. I started, again, by smashing the clay against a tree to give it texture, and then I put it on the wheel to carve …

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Aug 15

Fake Rock 1

I had a bunch of clay and wanted to make something easy, so I decided to make fake rocks. I started by thumping the lump of clay against a tree in a random pattern. After that, I put it on the wheel and carved out a little hole. I thought if I let it dry …

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