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Jan 16

Secret Shrine

  This started out being the least favorite of my three shines that I made, and turned out to be the most favorite. My goal was to try to use different materials for the surrounding frame, and decide which one was the best.  For this one, I used two part epoxy paste. It comes in …

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Dec 20

Mermaid Shrine

  I started this the same time I began the other altoids-tin resin shrines. I wanted to find out  which material is the best for sculpting the frame around the altoids tin. One I used paperclay and one I used two-part putty epoxy (except I haven’t posted about that one yet.) This was plaster. I had …

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Mar 10

February bottlecaps 1

I decided it was time to do a new batch of bottlecaps. My fridge is now bedecked with them, awaiting an unexpected birthday (and the need for a gift). These are fun, small gifts to make for people. The cow on the lower left side is a piece of mylar confetti that I’d saved for …

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Oct 15

Snacks for a Long Voyage Shrine

This shrine was inspired by a trip to Texas I did last year with my family. It’s a long, brutal drive from Phoenix to Dallas, so I bought a lot of snacks for my kids, the kind of snacks they don’t usually get. I bought candy and chips and cheetoes and juice boxes and basically …

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