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Jun 03

Blue Swirl Flower

To make this flower, I used a flower-shaped optics mold. the idea was to have an even number of petals because of the uniformity of the mold, but I melted it too many times and the petals lost their distinction. I think that clipping the edges makes for better petals.

Apr 01

Clear Flower

I’d been having trouble remembering how to make nice flowers, and Josh stopped by and gave me a demo. He makes some really spectacular flowers, in multiple colors, and if you want one, I think he has some for sale at the Mesa Art Center museum. He suggested snipping the disc of hot glass into …

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Mar 28

Yellow-blue Morning Glory

I did this flower after the mutant flower turned out so badly. As you can see, I used the same colors, but this one looks more like a morning glory and less like the tentacle of an alien whose parents were exposed to too much gamma radiation. I don’t actually like morning glories that much, …

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Mar 25

Mutant Flower

Sometimes we make simple flowers in hot shop when class isn’ t yet over, but there isn’t enough time to make a vessel. You get a small gather, heat some frit into it, press it into a disk, then get it nice and hot and molten. ¬†Sitting at the bench, you use the tweezers to …

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Apr 20

Book Review: Wicked Plants

Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln’s Mother & Other Botanical Atrocities by Amy Stewart Stewart wrote FLOWER CONFIDENTIAL about the floral industry, so one can posit that like me, she loves plants. Like me, she’s also fascinated with poison and murder. The book is lush with exquisitely beautiful (and sometimes exquisitely macabre) illustrations. With …

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