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Apr 10

Proofing, Endless Proofing.

Here’s a picture of my first proof for Seeing Things. I guess I put a photo up here before. There’s something really exciting about holding a paper version of your book in your hand. It took a lot of frustration and exploration to get it to this point. I had been told I had to …

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Jun 15

Seeing Things, Part 13: The Big Day

Dear Blog Friends, I’ve been thinking.  See, when I came out with the release date of September 1st, I was thinking that I’d have a full time job by now, and that I’d be super busy all the time. But I haven’t been super busy, and since I’ve kind of decided to shelve the paper …

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May 23

Seeing Things, Part 8: Formatting

Dear Blog Friends, One of the things I read, when I first started this journey into the wilds of epublishing (what feels like such a long, long time ago) was that formatting a book was one of those difficult and time-consuming things best done by a professional.  Now maybe I’m speaking too soon, but after …

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