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Jun 02

Giant Glass Beer Stein

  This one is closest, in color to replicating the cups I gave away. However, it’s more complicated than a basic tumbler because it has a handle and a cookie foot. I wasn’t very good at handles (still am not) and we did a couple of practice pieces at the beginning of class, which was …

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Mar 25

Swirled Blue Glass Cup

  With this cup, I was trying to reproduce one of the glass cups I gave away last year, only I couldn’t remember what it looked like or how I did it, except that it was blue. This looks nothing like what I remember. I think the other cups I liked were clear blue and …

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May 20

Yellow and Red Paperweight

I made this on the first day of class this session, sort of as a warm up. I generally like to use the ‘hodgepodge’ frit, the frit that’s left over from other frits, or that’s been mixed in. I can’t say it’s my best paperweight. I like them to be rounder, not so pointed. Also, …

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Apr 22

Blueline Cup

I made this blue because one of my goals in this class was to create a birthday present for a good friend of mine, and he said he likes the color blue. ┬áTo make this, I rolled the bubble in frit, and after it was melted it in, I blew it into an optics mold. …

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Apr 15

Redline Cup

I’ve had bad luck with little red cups. I had one that I made last year that I gave away to a friend, so I wanted to make a new one to replace it. I made one the first day, and it looked pretty good, but it fell off the punti because I pushed too …

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