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Apr 10

Proofing, Endless Proofing.

Here’s a picture of my first proof for Seeing Things. I guess I put a photo up here before. There’s something really exciting about holding a paper version of your book in your hand. It took a lot of frustration and exploration to get it to this point. I had been told I had to …

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Jun 18

Cover Final

So here’s the cover art I decided on for my novel, SEEING THINGS.  I had thought about using a teacup for a motif anyway, and the idea came to me that it would be cool if the title of the book were written in tea leaves. (A tea leaf reading impacts the plot of the …

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Jun 11

Cover Art Mockup 1

This is the first mockup for the cover of my novel, SEEING THINGS, which will be epublished later this summer.  To start with, I used the painted background which I made using acrylic, stamps, and layers of black gesso.  After photographing it, I scanned it and then played with the color to get a brighter …

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Jun 03

Seeing Things, Part 9: Second Cover Mockup

Dear Blog Friends: After I posted the cover mockups on Wednesday, I decided to try an iconic cover instead.  First, I went to my favorite coffee shop and asked for a large Irish Breakfast, hold the water.  After a few puzzled looks, I came home with a few tablespoons of tea, which I brewed and …

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Jun 01

Seeing Things, Part 8: First cover mockups

Dear Blog Friends: As you can see, I’ve been hard at work on the cover design. This isn’t going to be the final cover.  I went to WisCon last weekend, hoping that I would be able to learn something about cover art creation. I met a lot of great people, and got some good information, …

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