Tag: glassblowing

Mar 25

Swirled Blue Glass Cup

  With this cup, I was trying to reproduce one of the glass cups I gave away last year, only I couldn’t remember what it looked like or how I did it, except that it was blue. This looks nothing like what I remember. I think the other cups I liked were clear blue and …

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Mar 04

Blue Engobed Cup

This was the second cup I made, right after the twice green cup. Another student did a technique which I believe is called engobing, where you cover a piece with a layer of colored glass. When you first mash the hot glass on, it looks a little like one of those frowning bad guys that …

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Apr 22

Blueline Cup

I made this blue because one of my goals in this class was to create a birthday present for a good friend of mine, and he said he likes the color blue. ┬áTo make this, I rolled the bubble in frit, and after it was melted it in, I blew it into an optics mold. …

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Jan 20

Glass Apple

I made this in the same pumpkin making workshop I made the glass pumpkin in. I forgot to use the optics mold, so it turned into an apple instead of a pumpkin. Since it was going to be a different kind of fruit, I made a dimple in the bottom, and asked for a green-hued …

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Jan 11

Blue and Yellow ornament

I quite like how the colors came out on this one. The yellow frit is opaque, but the cobalt blue is transparent, so wherever the blue overlaps the yellow looks translucent green. Very pretty. I got three colors in one.