Tag: glaze

Jan 05

Big Striped Flower Pot

My sister was visiting, and we wanted to do a craft project together. I figured we could do glazing, because she doesn’t have a kiln at home. I’d been thinking of doing some glazing, and a week or so earlier I’d added water to all of my low-fire glazes, which had dried out. I had …

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Jan 09

Winter Trees Switchplate

This is a purchased piece of bisqueware that I ordered online. I would like to make some of my own, but calculating the shrinkage is too much fuss for my taste. One of the things I wanted to try with this kiln was how the black wax worked. I’ve seen some lovely tiles that use …

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Jan 03

Failed Smiley Balls

Part of doing art of any kind involves learning from failure.  I find the low-fire glazes rather tiresome to apply, especially when you can’t set them down until the glaze dries.  I made the nifty double-fork tongs to help glaze them (see last post) and I naturally assumed that it would be easy to just …

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Dec 30

Tiny Smiley Balls 1

Everyone seems to really love my smiley balls. I’ve ended up giving away over half of the ones I’ve made.  I wanted to have some to give to friends I’m going to visit in the spring, but carrying full-sized ones in my luggage wouldn’t do, so I planned to make small ones. These weren’t as …

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