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Dec 29

Swimming Carp Indigo Shirt

This is a better indigo tie dye than the last one, probably because it’s not a tie dye. I used washable Elmer’s glue as a batik resist and free-hand drew these carp. Japanese carp are something I’ve drawn enough to feel pretty confident about them, and I thought they would look well with white on …

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Dec 08

Fish Scale Indigo Shirt

I made this because I wanted to play with resist and indigo. I had made another shirt using Rit dye, which turned out horribly, and was advised it was because it was a new, unwashed shirt that still had sizing on it. So I took some cheap 1005 cotton shirts and washed them and set …

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Jan 06

Don’t Throw Away That Calendar!

  Don’t throw that calendar away yet! You loved it, right? Here’s something cool and easy you can do to reuse those prints.   First, get some cardstock to use as notecards. Set it in the middle of the sheet you’ve torn from the calendar, and fold it up around, making crease lines. If the …

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Jan 19


I made this crown so that my kids would have something fun to play with, since they often like to play princesses and queens and whatnot. I used a technique given to me by a costumer at Westercon to make brigandine armor. I’m sorry to say I forgot which costumer told me this, but I …

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Jul 09

Last Beetles

Here’s what I found about the iridescent glass. ¬†When you put dichro on top of it and fuse it, it doesn’t fuse completely because of the iridescence. This worked in that I was able to put masking tape over it and feel where the outline of the body and thorax were so that I could …

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