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Apr 13

February Bottlecaps 5

I totally dig the google-eye on this. Because it’s encased, it still googles. I also like the grommets (lower left). Resin has a way of tranforming some things magically. Other things, it kind of ruins. Gold leaf-backed tesserae are unimpressive, and mirrors are a little disappointing as well.

Dec 23

Grackle Charm Book

I made some new books, on account of it was a certain person’s birthday and she didn’t have any of my little books yet. So I made covers for the last three book blanks I had. This is my favorite of the three. I started with some simple cotton cloth from a placemat. I pasted …

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Nov 06

Bronze Book

This was actually a book cover that I had started this spring, but had to leave unfinished on the shelf because I ran out of book blanks.  Once I made more book blanks, I got it out to finish up. I started with a printed calico, which I washed over with violet and black.  You …

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