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Feb 10

Aromatherapy Keyholes 3

  This is the last chunk of the aromatherapy pendants I made. I believe that the crown lacks a hole to string a necklace through, so  maybe I’ll use that for some other purpose. I sent some of these to my friend Sarah, who offered to help copyedit Changer’s Turf (my most recent novel). She …

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Feb 03

Spoon Rest With Wing Sprig

  Ironically, I’e been coming up with soap-dish designs for a friend of mine who runs a soap company, but this pattern isn’t in the running. I made the basic form of this by extruding soft clay through a die. The die is shaped like a smiley-mouth with fangs. That’s the best way I can …

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Dec 05

Spoon Rest With Key Impression

The sprig I’d originally intended for this spoon rest/soap dish/curved tile/sushi tray piece broke when I was removing it from the sprig mold, so instead, I used a key to make an impression in the wet clay. It wasn’t my favorite, so I used caramel glaze (which always turns out interesting) to conceal its lack …

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Nov 18

Sprig Mug With Wings

This was one of the four mugs I made last pottery session.  I’d done keyholes on the other ones, and decided to do wing sprigs on this one.  To make the wing sprigs, I used purchased scrapbooking/multimedia pieces I’d purchased commercially, and a two-part epoxy putty. Usually I use plaster to make sprig molds for …

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Oct 03

Keyhole Sprig Mug 1

I wanted to make ceramic gifts for some people I care about, so I had in my mind I would use sprigs to decorate the sides of coffee cups. Everyone can use coffee cups, right? I went through a lot of planning to make sure that they would be just what I wanted.  Since the …

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