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Oct 06

Butterfly Book

This is the book I decided was good enough to give to my friend for her birthday. She also got a scrabble tile pendant which happened to have a butterfly on it. It was coincidence, but I ran with it and gave her a butterfly sticker and a butterfly card. Like the striped book, this …

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Sep 22

Striped Book

  This book ended up a lot closer to what I wanted. I left enough space between the edge of the page and the inside cut so that it didn’t get maladjusted. I liked the cloth cover, and kept it clean and free of debris while it was drying. I also attached a strap wiht …

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Sep 15

Blue and White Hollow Book

  This was another attempt at making a hollowed-book clutch purse for my friend’s birthday. As it turns out, it’s very easy to cover a book with cloth. Plain thin calico adheres beautifully to paper. the inside of this book also worked, and I liked the pattern, but when I was gluing it, I had …

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Sep 10

Blue Buckled Book

  This was my first successful book clutch purse. The ones I saw online had handles, but I felt the handles outsized the book. It’s only  maybe 8x10x1 3/4. I’d purchased the blue ribbon for a clasp and handles, but it’s a little thinner and flimsier than I like. It’s not terrible, but it wasn’t …

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Aug 28

Hollow Book

  I wanted to make something for my friend for her birthday, so when I saw book-purses on Pinterest, it inspired me.  I was trying to make a clutch purse out of a hardback book. I got some hardback books really cheaply at hte library (no, they weren’t rentals. They sell old books as a …

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