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Mar 04

Blue Engobed Cup

This was the second cup I made, right after the twice green cup. Another student did a technique which I believe is called engobing, where you cover a piece with a layer of colored glass. When you first mash the hot glass on, it looks a little like one of those frowning bad guys that …

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Jun 24

Adam’s Cup

This is the cup that my friend chose as his favorite of the ones I made in the class I took in February, so this is the one I gave him for his birthday.  The only sad thing is that he has good taste, and this is my favorite cup too.  At least I still …

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Jun 17

Blue Swirl Cup

I made this tumbler to try to practice dragging stringer lines with simple swirls of color rather than actual stringers.  To make a stringer, you need to have a piece of colored glass hot enough that it will stick to a punti, which means putting it in the annealer, which takes more foresight than I …

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Jun 10

Bubble Vase

I wanted to make a tumbler using a special mold that looks a little like a cuddly version of an iron maiden. It’s cylindrical and tapered, with dull spikes all over the inside, and if you were to use it on a simple piece of glass, you’d get a shape not unlike some jelly glasses from the …

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Jun 03

Blue Swirl Flower

To make this flower, I used a flower-shaped optics mold. the idea was to have an even number of petals because of the uniformity of the mold, but I melted it too many times and the petals lost their distinction. I think that clipping the edges makes for better petals.