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Dec 01

Angel Icon Tile

This was the last, biggest tile from Laurie Mika’s workshop this summer at Art Unraveled. One of the things I love most about Laurie Mika’s work is her saintly icons. I always wondered how she did them, how she got all the cool painted faces. Simply enough, she prints them out and cuts them up …

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Sep 18

Heart Mirror Icon

I made this because I wanted to spend the afternoon doing art, and playing with polymer clay is a good one-day project. I have a book on making mosaics and mosaic tiles from polymer clay that I have been using as inspiration for a while.  I especially liked the icon images, which I took from …

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Dec 15

Postcard: Green Icon

I’d been looking at a cool book that has information on how to make polymer clay tile mosaics, and the artist used a lot of religious icons contained within frames. My friend Jane and I were in awe of how beautiful they were, so I started looking for tiny icon images I could use to …

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