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Mar 03

E-Book Week!

I’ve got some promotions over at  Smashwords, if you want to get some of my books for free or cheap, this week only. Get copies for your kindle, nook, kobo, sony, ipad or any other e-reader, including PDF. Seeing Things — Free until 3/8! Use Coupon Code REW75 Treemaker — 50% off until 3/8! Use Coupon …

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Nov 07

Alternate Susan ebook cover

One of the things I’ve discovered about my self-publishing adventures is that you occasionally need a different ebook cover from the paper cover. The paper cover is for a 5.5 X 8.5 inch object that will be held in your hands. The ebook cover will be maybe an inch by two inches at the most. …

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Oct 21

Gingerbread House Cover

The photo at the bottom is the original cover for this pair of short stories that I published last year.  The stories are both horror + comedy, a sub-genre I’ve had some success with. I chose the close up of the stock because I just wanted a photo (that I owned the rights to) that …

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Aug 27

Emily’s Fifth Birthday Cover

This was one of my first publications, and you can see I kind of struggled with learning how to use gimp to make the cover.  The ones on the left were much smaller, and I decided I’d scroll through my photos and find something brightly colored and interesting, then make sure that my name and …

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Jul 28


Dear Blog friends, Book three in the Seabingen series is up. You can get it on Smashwords, or Kindle. It’s $2.99 at both places. My friend Keyan Bowes helped me with last-minute typos and inconsistency errors. She lobbied for a different title, but I couldn’t come up with one I’d liked better (and it took …

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