Tag: lampworking

Nov 20

Practice Beads

Since I’d made all kinds of green and pink and lavender radially symmetrical canes for the floral beads, and I didn’t want to make any more floral beads, I used up the canes and practiced placing dots on these clear glass forms. I really like the way dots can look when they’re accurately placed.  One …

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Nov 18

Lavender Floral Bead

This is what the lampworking workshop I took in August was designed to teach.  You can get very pretty beads if you are good at this technique.  I’m not so interested in pretty, so I only made this one.

May 24

Rabbits of Willendorf

Laurie Nessel did a demo in this class where she made these amazing little netsuke rabbits out of a solid lump of glass.  These were my attempt.  I think I need a lot more progress if I’m going to make rabbits that look like rabbits. Maybe the glass was too hot, or maybe I pushed …

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May 22

Eggs Three and Four

Two more eggs, nesting in the glass nests I made.  I tried to think of nice colors for the Easter eggs that I would like to look at, but I couldn’t think of any, so I made these ugly ones instead.  It occured to me that I could make natural colored eggs, but wouldn’t it …

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Mar 11

Core Formed Vessel, “Jupiter”

This is the second core formed vessel I made in Laurie Nessel’s workshop at the Mesa Art Center I had an idea of making a vessel that was whorled and striped like the planet Jupiter.  The ivory came out brighter in contrast to the red than I had anticipated, and the eye looks a little …

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