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Feb 06

Mighty Huntress

She'd be more stealthy if she didn't wiggle her butt so much.

Feb 15

Leaf Mosaic Tiles

I saw a picture in a book of a tile mosaic that looked like a carpet made of leaves.  These are difficult in the same way that quilting is difficult–they take precision and a great deal of time.  To make the leaf vein pattern, I used a mulberry leaf.  The shapes are about an inch …

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Aug 16

Leaf Designs

I’ve been thinking about ways to use 2-D art in my collage that involves neither stealing others’ art nor drawing.  Because, let’s face it.  I’ve been doing strictly 3-D art for so long that my drawing skills ain’t what they used to be. I have a scanner and a garden. I also have Microsoft Photo …

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