Tag: low fire glaze

Aug 08

Mosaic Terra Cotta Pot

I’ve had this terra cotta pot under my studio table for just about a year, waiting for the project I wanted to do with it.  Finally, I decided that I needed a pot for some succulents, so now was the time. I started by coming up with a short phrase to put around the lip. …

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Feb 12

Tiny Smiley Balls 2

These are the last of the tiny colored smiley balls. These will probably be the only ones I make that are glazed like this, though I’ll still use the double-fork tool for something else.

Jan 06

Tiny Smiley Balls 2

Here are two more smiley balls, ready to give away, once I file off the  pits left by the stilts. Astute observers will note that the colors of glaze are the same as on the “thorny pot” from December.

Dec 30

Tiny Smiley Balls 1

Everyone seems to really love my smiley balls. I’ve ended up giving away over half of the ones I’ve made.  I wanted to have some to give to friends I’m going to visit in the spring, but carrying full-sized ones in my luggage wouldn’t do, so I planned to make small ones. These weren’t as …

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Aug 25

Rabbit Orchid Pot

Here’s the second terracotta orchid pot that I glazed.  For this one, I decided to use a rabbit, because I wanted to use the brown slip.  The texture on the rim of the pot is also due to the slip. Although the green (It looks green on white clay) glaze I used for the rim …

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