Tag: low fire

Jan 05

Big Striped Flower Pot

My sister was visiting, and we wanted to do a craft project together. I figured we could do glazing, because she doesn’t have a kiln at home. I’d been thinking of doing some glazing, and a week or so earlier I’d added water to all of my low-fire glazes, which had dried out. I had …

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Nov 28

Morning Glory Number Plaque Tile Mosaic

This is as project I did this summer as a gift for a couple of people I like very much. I used the glass tiles that they had bought for a kitchen remodel. They gave me the leftovers to use in one of my tile projects, and now I’m giving them back. I chose the …

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Feb 09

Tarot Mosaic

This is a mosaic I did last year with some tiles I’ve made over the years. Here’s a picture of it installed. All of these tiles are ones I’ve made myself.

Mar 02

Small Raven Tile Mosaic

I made several small, plain tiles so that I could experiment with wax resist and painterly techniques. I painted this using black underglaze.  My tiles are hand pounded (and rolled) so the consistency isn’t ideal, but that’s kind of the point of hand-made tiles. This is about four inches square and about a quarter of …

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Feb 21

Mosaic Tiles 4

This is the last of the batch of mosaic tiles I made in this kiln load. The crawling design on the green tiles is from overfiring.  It is not intentional, but I’m going to pretend that it was.  I have so many of these that at some point I ought to think of a design …

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