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Dec 04

Alternate Susan– Chapter Twenty-One

Chapter Twenty-One   (Wait! Wait! I want to start at the beginning! Go here)     “Knock knock,” I said, since Maggie’s door was open and the screen was too flimsy to take a couple of taps. “Go away,” my mom replied. “I need your help with something,” I said, pushing the door open. My …

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Nov 13

Alternate Susan — Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen       I waited on Derek’s doorstep for him. It was kind of a Bo thing to do, but I’d brought a dozen sunflowers rather than a dead bat. I figured he’d be home by six, but he must have been working late, because it was nearly eight before his Ford pulled …

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Nov 06

Alternate Susan — Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen       “You’re positive this is safe?” I asked Miles, for about the fifteenth time since the crack of dawn when my alarm went off. We were sitting in the back yard, inside a ring of stones that looked like a giant C. I dearly wanted to close it, and had the …

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