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Aug 02

Book Review: Emotimancers and the Impending Feline Overmind

Emotimancers and the Impending Feline Overmind┬áby Beth Pratt I was really surprised when I found out that the author of the quirky outsider comic “Barely Representational” had written a novel. It came out on kindle about a week ago. The story starts at Bradford and Chadwick, a major publishing house dedicated to publishing emotion spells. …

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Sep 18

Book Review: The Magician King

The Magician King by Lev Grossman I have mixed feelings about this book. In some ways it’s a stupendous literary achievement. In other ways, it’s a thought problem of what would happen in real life if you min-maxed to get intelligence modifiers by using charisma as a dump stat. Or, to clarify for those of …

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