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Apr 22

Jane’s Book

  This is a book-box I made for my friend Jane. I had started with another book, but I made a mistake on that one and glued the back cover to the inside before I was ready. This one I kept it free and didn’t glue on the inside until I was prepared. One of …

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Apr 13

February Bottlecaps 5

I totally dig the google-eye on this. Because it’s encased, it still googles. I also like the grommets (lower left). Resin has a way of tranforming some things magically. Other things, it kind of ruins. Gold leaf-backed tesserae are unimpressive, and mirrors are a little disappointing as well.

Apr 06

February Bottlecaps 4

You can use sharp stuff in these bottlecaps as long as the pointy bits are completely encased in the resin. I like to have some stuff that sticks out, like the tiny fuse and the top of the push pin. The blue bead in the bottom is from some canes I made during a polymer …

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Mar 17

February Bottlecaps 2

The top center has a piece of microchip in it. Microchips always look so cool, and I want to include them in more multimedia stuff, but they don’t always behave properly. The bottom right is a slice of a polymer clay butterfly cane I made two years ago.

Mar 10

February bottlecaps 1

I decided it was time to do a new batch of bottlecaps. My fridge is now bedecked with them, awaiting an unexpected birthday (and the need for a gift). These are fun, small gifts to make for people. The cow on the lower left side is a piece of mylar confetti that I’d saved for …

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