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May 06

Poppies on Map

┬áDrawing on maps was the thing that started me on this drawing phase. I’d seen some songbirds drawn with semi-translucent ink on maps as part of an illustration on a wall hanging at Ikea. So I started drawing birds on maps, then other things on other surfaces. Here’s a map, or, more accurately, not a …

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Mar 16

Blue Hex, Blue Jay

Feb 05

Oriole postcard

I wanted to play around with some stencils and modelling paste I’d bought, so I used as a ground some old postcard blanks I made years ago. They have black paper on one side and pale grey or white on the other. The series of Xs is the stenciled modeling paste, which not only makes …

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Oct 31

Postcard: Bird and Map

This one was a postcard that I did a lot more to, but it didnt’ turn out as well. I took the time to cut this bird image off of a piece of art paper I have, and I pasted it down on the blue background, and then I embossed the image of the map …

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