Jan 28

Mulberry Wands – Chapter Nineteen

Want to start at the beginning? Go here. Chapter Nineteen     The party that escorted Susan back to her house consisted of four adult warriors, Shaluun, Noruu, Runook and Tuusit, and a young man whom they identified as “Scout”. She was surprised that they didn’t insist on a female chaperone, seeing as how old-fashioned …

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Jan 21

Mulberry Wands Chapter Eighteen

Want to start at the beginning? Go here. Chapter Eighteen     Darius was right about Zoë. She started working longer hours, and never seemed to be around when Griff was. Not only was Darius right, but he was smug about it. It didn’t make any sense. What had he done, really, except give her …

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Jan 14

Mulberry Wands Chapter Seventeen

Want to start at the beginning? Go here. Chapter Seventeen     Susan became increasingly agitated, waiting for Tuusit to return from his visit to the judicial council. She even thought about trying to escape again. Then she remembered Sphinx, and rubbed her stomach where the scratches had been. She wasn’t afraid of the cat; …

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Jan 07

Mulberry Wands Chapter Sixteen

Want to start at the beginning? Go here. Chapter Sixteen     Griff picked out a deep purple for his bedroom, glossy like an eggplant. He thought Zoë would suggest a beige, or maybe tease him about how it was feminine to like real color instead of white, but she didn’t say anything except to …

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Dec 31

Mulberry Wands Chapter Fifteen

Want to start at the beginning? Go here. Chapter Fifteen     Paul went back to the wall where he had met the translator woman. It was sunset, and the moon was just rising. He had to switch with someone else at work to get the night off, but this was the first night of the …

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