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Feb 09

Tarot Mosaic

This is a mosaic I did last year with some tiles I’ve made over the years. Here’s a picture of it installed. All of these tiles are ones I’ve made myself.

Apr 05

Wall Mosaic 2: They took their forms from nature…

The corner and edge tiles have been photographed separately on this site and have their own pages. I made them by trailing slip onto leather-hard clay. As for the phrase, it’s a line I used in one of my novels, Alternate Susan. I don’t know what it means. It didn’t really belong in the novel, …

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Apr 02

Wall Mosaic 1: Girl with Scythe

This is one of the wall murals I made. ¬†I’m very happy with how they turned out. My only concern is that, because they are not fired vitreous, they might not withstand freezing. ¬†Fortunately, we get very little freezing here. I made the middle mural about four years ago, using a renaissance painting as a …

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