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Dec 11

Alternate Susan — Chapter Twenty-Two

Chapter Twenty-Two   (Wait! Wait! I want to start at the beginning! Go here)   It was Amber’s last day on earth, if Plan A didn’t work. When I came home late from the hardware store, carrying a bag of rock salt on my shoulder to the back yard, the house was dark and empty. Zoë …

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Nov 20

Alternate Susan — Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen       Job quitting traditions called for staying up late eating ice cream, sleeping in until noon, and reacquainting oneself with daytime television.  Charlotte Anderson ruined that by calling me at six in the morning and inviting me over for a cup of coffee, as though that were the normal time that …

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Nov 13

Alternate Susan — Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen       I waited on Derek’s doorstep for him. It was kind of a Bo thing to do, but I’d brought a dozen sunflowers rather than a dead bat. I figured he’d be home by six, but he must have been working late, because it was nearly eight before his Ford pulled …

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Oct 23

Alternate Susan — Chapter Fifteen

  Chapter Fifteen       Amber wouldn’t answer her phone, and I didn’t know where she lived, so the only way to find her was at work. After all, in my universe, she worked in accounts payable, and I still had the same job, so why shouldn’t she? Amber wasn’t at her desk in …

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Sep 18

Alternate Susan — Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten       When I saw the swath of destruction, I wished I had ditched work, even if it meant getting fired. The mesquite tree out front was still intact, but someone had kicked over all Zoë’s pots of succulents. It looked as though the major league of vandals had taken baseball bats …

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