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May 15

Light Blue Tapered Swirl Cup

  I made this cup using the optics mold, trying to reproduce the beautiful blue and white and light blue cups I gave away two years ago. I can’t even remember exactly what they looked like, excepet that there were a number of them and when I let people take whichever cup they liked, those …

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Apr 10

Red Optic Vase

Had a little trouble figuring out how to photograph these. Glass is trickier than pottery. This is a vase that came out much better than I had hoped. It’s a little large for a tumbler, I think, at least for my dainty hands. To make the lines, I used the optic mold, twisted, then used …

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Dec 22

Glass Pumpkin 2

This was the first pumpkin I made at the workshop I attended last Saturday. Many of us had trouble getting good grooves using the optic mold, because it cooled the glass down so quickly we couldn’t blow it out hard enough.  The grooves on this look good, mostly because it stayed small. It’s about six …

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Dec 16

Glass Pumpkin 1

I took a short one-day workshop at the Mesa Art Center to make these glass pumpkins. They are basically just like ornaments, except we used an optics mold for both the bit and the base. I didn’t really have a pressing need for pumpkin ornaments, but I had really missed hotshop.  I hope I can …

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Aug 03

Optic Mold Paperweight

For the third paperweight, this one, I decided to use the optic mold.  This is a star-shaped mold that tapers to a narrow point. I believe it’s made of aluminum.  After rolling my first gather of glass in the frit and melting the frit into it, I put the jack glass-side down and push, incising …

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