Tag: origami

Dec 12

Postcard: Indigo Japan

The inspiration for this postcard was a packet of origami paper in traditional Japanese blue-on-white designs, such as were used on textiles. They have a lovely texture to them too, soft like money or paper towels. I used a compass to draw quarter circles on them, then cut on the lines. I made the base …

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Jan 17

Gift Bag

Why do I have a picture of a gift bag? Surely it’s not because I ran out of art and wanted to use something as filler. Surely not! I was lucky enough to receive a gift card, and it came in a bag much like this.  The bag intrigued me, so I took it apart …

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Jun 21

Origami Book

I made this for a contest posted on one of Jeff Vandermeer’s blogs.  The contest instructions included a youtube video about how to make this.  I had to fold it five or six times before I got the hang of it. Each page has a sketch of a crow on it, and the cover says …

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