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Jan 11

Blue and Yellow ornament

I quite like how the colors came out on this one. The yellow frit is opaque, but the cobalt blue is transparent, so wherever the blue overlaps the yellow looks translucent green. Very pretty. I got three colors in one.

Jan 03

Ornament workshop, revisited

I took another of the glass blowing one day workshops at the Mesa Art Center in early December. I do so love playing in the hotshop, but it’s frustrating that the only one day workshops were available as and listed as “no experience required.” On one hand, I like that people have a chance to …

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Dec 01

Vulgar Vehicles

I see the car “ornament” on the left all too often.  I strongly dislike these; to me, they epitomize vulgarity. How many of the ones on the right would we have to have before someone put a stop to it? It’s a symptom of the bizarre idea we have that we are our cars.  We …

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