Tag: Pacific Northwest

Sep 18

Book Review: Marrow Island

Marrow Island by Alexis M. Smith This book has a few cool things to recommend it. It takes place in the Pacific Northwest, alternating between an island off the coast of Washington and a forest in Oregon. The event that triggers all else is the “May Day Quake” that leveled much of the Pacific Northwest …

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Aug 09

Book Review: Train Dreams

Train Dreams by Denis Johnson This is actually a novella, which I downloaded as an audiobook. It took only about two hours to listen to, which is a really nice length for a story. I’d head that the ebook revolution would see a proliferation of stories in lengths other than the standard mass market paperback …

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May 06

Seeing Things, Part 3: Dream Settings

Dear Blog Friends, I got a new twitter account, if you want to follow it.  The name is Seabingen.  Seabingen is the name of the city that I set my first novel in, and right now it’s the name of the whole series set in that town. I know that sounds like a strange name, …

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