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Oct 19

Spine Cavity Shrine

I did this shrine earlier this year, in late spring, at the same time I did the copper queen shrine. I’ve been heavily influenced by Laurie Mika’s work, and I love her icon faces, even though I don’t much like using other people’s art in my work. So I decided to sculpt a face out …

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Jan 12

Chicken House

 This is a chicken house my dad and I built to replace the old one with the tile cupola. They don’t live in there, it’s just a place to sleep and a place to keep their food dry and a place to lay eggs (if the lazy birds ever start laying again.)  I cut most …

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Dec 15

Paper Mache Owl Sculpture

    I decided to make this when I saw a woman make a paper mache dragon on her website. I was so enrapt I bought her mask-making book and watched all her videos and decided I was going to make some kind of sculpture. I decided on an owl because I’d had owls on …

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Aug 25

Peacock Box

  After I spent all that time painting the Adele Bauer-Bloch II project, I felt inspired by Klimt. I loved his gold upon gold layering, the bright colors, and especially the repeated patterns. Something made me think of peacocks, and peacock-inspired patterns. The eye shape of a peacock’s tail is very distinctive. The way it …

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Apr 15

Small Owls

  I’m still working on the cover for MULBERRY WANDS, and it’s getting closer to the time when I really need it, because I’ve gotten my first copyeditor looking at the manuscript, and pretty soon I’m going to have to have it in a book form, which means I’m going to need a cover. As …

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