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Jun 23

Adele Bloch-Bauer 3–Klimt fanfic project

  I included the original again for comparison. By the way, this is only a piece of the original. I cropped it to fit, because I wanted the head to be the same size as my head, for reasons I will explain later. It’s a shame, becuase you miss out on the beautiful green part, …

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Jun 16

Adele Bloch-Bauer 2 — Klimt fanfic project

  Here’s the second stage of the project. I had to put it on the wall, because I knew from experience that everything would be skewed if I painted it on a flat surface. I had to take down some pictures from the wall and move some furniture (like the water jug) to have enough …

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Jun 05

Collaged Backgrounds

These are three paintings/collages I did to use as the background images for my cover art. The red one will be for my first novel, SEEING THINGS, which will be out on Smashwords and Kindle by September 1st of this year. ┬áThe green will be its sequel, TREEMAKER and the blue will be for the …

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