Tag: paper clay

Jun 29

Copper Queen Shrine

 I started out just making a lot of pieces for shrine boxes. Making these boxes is a technique I learned from a book called “Creating Personal Shrines” by Carol Owen. Basically, you paint both sides of foamcore with acrylic (or gesso? Maybe gesso works too) and let it dry. Then you glue ricepaper to each …

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Mar 18

Greenman Shrine

  I have a small coterie of good friends who are kind enough to give me editing or copyediting feedback on my novels.  I try to give them some piece of art in exchange for their time.  Three of my fellow Clarionites (Clarion Writer’s Workshop, San Diego 2007) read my upcoming book MULBERRY WANDS and …

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Dec 10

Colorful Face Shrine

  I wanted to make some shrines using altoids tins filled with clear epoxy resin. My kid’s school had an art show where the kids made little dioramas and glass jars filled with layered images and resin, and I’d been mulling it over for a while. I knew I wanted to do some kind of …

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