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Apr 22

Jane’s Book

  This is a book-box I made for my friend Jane. I had started with another book, but I made a mistake on that one and glued the back cover to the inside before I was ready. This one I kept it free and didn’t glue on the inside until I was prepared. One of …

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Oct 13

Second Four Resin-Scrabble Tiles

These are four more of the resin tiles I made with the Ice Resin I splurged on at Art Unraveled. I was at the art store the other day and saw there are lots and lots of different kinds of resins available for painting. Some of them are reasonable, some are even more expensive than …

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Feb 13

Blue and Orange Book

With digital images, you can layer almost anything over anything, and you can adjust the translucency by minuscule percentages and back again. With physical layers, it’s much harder. One way you can add texture is by using printing. This diamond/spiral pattern is from some plastic texture plates designed for this purpose. I also used these …

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Jan 06

Don’t Throw Away That Calendar!

  Don’t throw that calendar away yet! You loved it, right? Here’s something cool and easy you can do to reuse those prints.   First, get some cardstock to use as notecards. Set it in the middle of the sheet you’ve torn from the calendar, and fold it up around, making crease lines. If the …

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Dec 10

Colorful Face Shrine

  I wanted to make some shrines using altoids tins filled with clear epoxy resin. My kid’s school had an art show where the kids made little dioramas and glass jars filled with layered images and resin, and I’d been mulling it over for a while. I knew I wanted to do some kind of …

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