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Nov 17

Four Resin-Scrabble Tiles

 Here are the last four of the resin scrabble tiles that I made. I s till haven’t decided what to do with them. Pins or pendants, I suppose. Buttons maybe? They’re a little too tall to be good ephemera for a book cover, and maybe a little too elaborate to just be tiles in a …

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Oct 13

Second Four Resin-Scrabble Tiles

These are four more of the resin tiles I made with the Ice Resin I splurged on at Art Unraveled. I was at the art store the other day and saw there are lots and lots of different kinds of resins available for painting. Some of them are reasonable, some are even more expensive than …

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Sep 21

Oak Leaf Pendants

For ten years, I wore a carved oak leaf made out of antler as a pendant around my neck. I wore through at least one cord, and eventually the pendant itself wore through. I was heartbroken.  I loved that pendant, but my attempts to fix it proved insufficient. I decided to make a new pendant …

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Jun 03

Glass Acorns

I have pendants similar to this carved of bone. I wanted to see if I could make ones out of glass. I think with a little more practice, I could get them just right.