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Jul 21

Red Glass Pitcher

  This is the last of my glass-class pieces from this winter. I’ve been parceling them out so there’s a variety. I don’t know if I’ll take glass class again next winter. It’s expensive, but not completely affordable. But I was so busy this winter that the time was definitely an issue. When I described …

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Apr 15

Redline Cup

I’ve had bad luck with little red cups. I had one that I made last year that I gave away to a friend, so I wanted to make a new one to replace it. I made one the first day, and it looked pretty good, but it fell off the punti because I pushed too …

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Sep 21

Red Leaf Sprig Bowl

Apr 17

Red Glass Tumbler

This was one of the first things I made to warm-up and remember how to blow glass (ha ha). It’s a little small, but perfectly servicable. I adore the color.

May 30

Small Red Sliptrailed Cup

. One might wonder why I used a non-transparent glaze here. I was hoping that if I did it thin enough and feathered it light by rubbing it with my finger, I’d get a bright color and not lose the design. ¬†Almost worked. ¬†Our only translucent glazes at the Tempe Arts Center are clear and …

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