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Mar 02

Clock Face, Ant Face

 Four more bottlecaps. I especially love the one with the woman’s face and the ant in it. I took the clock face from a watch I wore a long time ago. I used to love those watches in which the moon moved past the field.

Feb 23

Jolly Mushroom

The bottlecap on the left I made using a piece of Trader Joe’s Chai tea box. My kids prefer that tea, and I like the peacock inside the flap.  I still have a thing for peacocks. The mushroom on the right one, I made out of paper clay for a shrine I made for my friend. …

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Feb 12

Cash Cow and Renaissance Man

 Here are four more bottlecap magnets I made. One of the things I found was that the background image had a more profound impact than the things embedded in it, unless the thing embedded in it was something cool like a pair of tiny scissors. That’s part of why I didn’t put anything in the …

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Feb 02

Scorpion and Other Bottlecaps

I gave some of my bottlecaps away, so I decided to make more. This is a simple, short-term project that can tide me over while I’m waiting for something or when I don’t know what I want to make. I have a hole-punch that I use to make perfect 1″ circles, but it broke recently. …

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Nov 17

Four Resin-Scrabble Tiles

 Here are the last four of the resin scrabble tiles that I made. I s till haven’t decided what to do with them. Pins or pendants, I suppose. Buttons maybe? They’re a little too tall to be good ephemera for a book cover, and maybe a little too elaborate to just be tiles in a …

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