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Apr 06

Book Review: The Passenger

The Passenger by Lisa Lutz I’d read Lisa Lutz’s THE SPELLMAN FILES and found them wacky madcap fun, so I decided to give this a chance. It starts out with a little of the zaniness of the other books, which didn’t suit the mood of the novel. This novel aims to be a very dark …

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Jan 22

Changer’s Turf – Chapter Three

  Wait! I wanna start from the beginning! S’okay–go here. Chapter Three       Welcome to Utah. Tessali frowned. Her understanding of geography wasn’t the best, but she was pretty sure that if you drove from Arizona to Texas, the direct path did not go through Utah. She peered closer at the map and …

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Oct 15

Snacks for a Long Voyage Shrine

This shrine was inspired by a trip to Texas I did last year with my family. It’s a long, brutal drive from Phoenix to Dallas, so I bought a lot of snacks for my kids, the kind of snacks they don’t usually get. I bought candy and chips and cheetoes and juice boxes and basically …

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