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May 28

Stars and Hexes

 Both of these were done with acrylic and rubber stamps.

Dec 01

Angel Icon Tile

This was the last, biggest tile from Laurie Mika’s workshop this summer at Art Unraveled. One of the things I love most about Laurie Mika’s work is her saintly icons. I always wondered how she did them, how she got all the cool painted faces. Simply enough, she prints them out and cuts them up …

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Nov 24

Sun Tile

This was another tile from Laurie Mika’s workshop this summer, to which I added four tiny seed beads. I’m not very proud of the sloppy paint job around the rays; I should have taken more time with the paint. At the art store, they have seemingly dozens of different types of paints, inks, dyes, and …

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Oct 27

Palm Reading Tile

I took a workshop with Laurie Mika, an artist I admire who works primarily with polymer clay. There were other of her workshops I wanted to take more, but time and money made them unfeasible, so I took the one about painting on clay. The techniques themselves were pretty simple and straighforward. I learned the …

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Nov 30

Steampunk Shino Bowl 2