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Dec 18

Alternate Susan — Two Months Later

 Two Months Later (Wait! Wait! I want to start at the beginning! Go here) One of the not so cool things about being a mage is that you have the power to freak yourself out. No matter how many times I looked into the big mirror, I could never get used to seeing my reflection do …

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Nov 06

Alternate Susan — Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen       “You’re positive this is safe?” I asked Miles, for about the fifteenth time since the crack of dawn when my alarm went off. We were sitting in the back yard, inside a ring of stones that looked like a giant C. I dearly wanted to close it, and had the …

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Oct 30

Alternate Susan — Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen       “Okay,” Darius said, flipping the yellow pages. “I found a place that sells cat traps, and a list of places that will silver plate it. It ain’t gonna be cheap.” “Silver plated cat trap?” It was Thursday, my day for getting food, and I’d picked up Chinese after work. I’d …

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