Tag: scgraffito

Oct 11

Green Fishscale Bowl

This design is a traditional Japanese design. I started to use it while I was learning pottery in Japan, and it remains one of my favorites. The green color is slip, which I scratched away with a scgraffito tool.

Oct 08

Green Flower Grid Bowl

This design looks much better on paper or other flat surfaces than it does on a curved surface. I found it quite difficult to get the design as even as I like. It’s not one I’ve used before, though I’ve seen similar ones on Japanese textiles and paper.

Sep 15

Blue Green Fishscale Bowl

Sep 12

Blue-Green Diagonal Hatch bowl

Sep 09

Blue-Green Flower Bowl

I suppose this is a set, since there are eight bowls, four with a green slip, four with a blue-green slip, and four different designs. ¬†Once they’re washed, we’re going to use them for soup and cereal.