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Dec 18

Book Review: To Kill a Mockingjay

To Kill A Mockingjay by Harper Collins This book is about the daughter of a lawyer living in District 12 who is chosen to take part in “the Hunger Play” in which children dress up like items of food. The daughter, Scatniss¬†Finch is forced to dress up like¬†a ham for the play, along with other …

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Sep 11

Book Review: Lock In

Lock In by John Scalzi I’d been hearing about this book for months before it came out, and kept checking to see if my hold at the library had been filled yet, when I decided not to wait anymore and just buy the audiobook. They gave me the choice between Amber Benson and Wil Wheaton …

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Jun 05

Book Review- The Silver Metal Lover

The Silver Metal Lover by Tanith Lee This is a very nice SF love story that, if I had read it when I was a teenager, would probably have crept into my soul and stayed there. The protagonist, Jane, is a spoiled rich girl who knows she’s a spoiled rich girl and feels enough chagrin …

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Jun 03

Book Review- Engaging the Enemy

Engaging the Enemy by Elizabeth Moon I liked this book, and I liked it well enough to immediately go out and purchase the next in the series, but I think in many ways it’s the weakest of the novels. Or maybe I’m just over the excitement of Pirates! In Space! and am starting to notice …

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May 22

Book Review: Marque and Reprisal

Marque and Reprisal by Elizabeth Moon I’ll tolerate a dull non-fiction, but a fiction book has to, above all else, be entertaining. If judging by that one criteria, this book succeeds admirably. I’m already most of the way through the third (15+hour!) audiobook in this series, and I haven’t even cracked the nonfiction I’m reading …

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