Tag: sculpture

Oct 19

Spine Cavity Shrine

I did this shrine earlier this year, in late spring, at the same time I did the copper queen shrine. I’ve been heavily influenced by Laurie Mika’s work, and I love her icon faces, even though I don’t much like using other people’s art in my work. So I decided to sculpt a face out …

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Jun 29

Copper Queen Shrine

 I started out just making a lot of pieces for shrine boxes. Making these boxes is a technique I learned from a book called “Creating Personal Shrines” by Carol Owen. Basically, you paint both sides of foamcore with acrylic (or gesso? Maybe gesso works too) and let it dry. Then you glue ricepaper to each …

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Dec 15

Paper Mache Owl Sculpture

    I decided to make this when I saw a woman make a paper mache dragon on her website. I was so enrapt I bought her mask-making book and watched all her videos and decided I was going to make some kind of sculpture. I decided on an owl because I’d had owls on …

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Oct 15

Snacks for a Long Voyage Shrine

This shrine was inspired by a trip to Texas I did last year with my family. It’s a long, brutal drive from Phoenix to Dallas, so I bought a lot of snacks for my kids, the kind of snacks they don’t usually get. I bought candy and chips and cheetoes and juice boxes and basically …

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Jul 25

Freaky Rabbit Sculpture

In the pottery studio, there used to be a postcard with a photo of this really cool freaky hare sculpture.  Naturally, when I went looking for it to use as a reference, it had mysteriously vanished.  I did this anyway, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I wanted that weird blobby texture …

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