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Jun 22

Dayrunner Magic is out!

Dayrunner Magic is finally out on Createspace as of June 22, 2016. It will take a little longer for it to show up on Amazon and a little longer until I can get the ebook up and running, but if you want to buy the first hot-off-the-press version you can do so here.

Jul 23

Changer’s Turf – Chapter Twenty-Nine

New to the story? S’okay–go here.      Chapter Twenty-Nine     “Pull over here,” Tom told the taxi driver. The taxi driver made no comment beyond a brief glance in the rear view mirror, but pulled over in front of the corner flower shop, idling the car in the space left free by a fire …

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Feb 19

Changer’s Turf – Chapter Seven

New to the story? S’okay–go here. Chapter Seven       Tess was in the Realm. She was wearing black and gray, the color of exiles, which she never wore when she was in the palace of Clan Holly. She wandered the halls like a ghost. It was like picking at a scab, coming here, no …

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Feb 12

Changer’s Turf – Chapter Six

New to the story? S’okay–go here. Chapter Six     It had all gone so horribly, horribly wrong. Christine’s knuckles clenched the steering wheel. The SUV had been Nate’s and it still smelled like him. It rattled like an old man on a cold morning, but it had enough seats to fit all of them; the …

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Dec 25

Changing Places/Changer’s Turf

Well, CHANGER’S TURF, the fifth book in the Kit Melbourne series has been delayed again by some small changes I need to make.  I’m stlil hoping for it to be out before the end of the year, but I need a few edits and another proof, a process which takes at least a week. It …

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