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Jun 18

Faerie Killer: Chapter Three

Chapter Three   Kit walked into the Pygg and Wassail, searching the crowded interior of the bar for Jackie. Despite the terrible service, the cozy Irish pub was one of the most popular hangouts in the Old Town, especially for the otherfolk. It had a large floor plan, but held so many heavy wooden tables …

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Apr 10

Proofing, Endless Proofing.

Here’s a picture of my first proof for Seeing Things. I guess I put a photo up here before. There’s something really exciting about holding a paper version of your book in your hand. It took a lot of frustration and exploration to get it to this point. I had been told I had to …

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Mar 22

Book Progress

If you scroll back a few posts ago, you’ll see the copy of my printed proof. As I mentioned before, the proof wasn’t good because the resolution was too poor. The text was especially bad. Originally, I thought this had to do with gimp, that gimp had issues with text. Sure, the photo of the …

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Mar 11

Printed Proof

Look! Lookie Look! See what this is? This is a proof copy of the paper version of SEEING THINGS. Are you excited? Me too! I just got this last Thursday. I thought my initial reaction would be one of overwhelming glee, but frankly, it needs a lot of work. The margins didn’t come out right, …

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Jan 30

My Amended Publishing Plan

I’ve had all kinds of strategies in mind for how to make it as a writer, based on stuff I’ve been told to do by other writers, marketers, agents. You have to have a web presence, they say. You have to build a blog following. You have to make a name for yourself as a …

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